Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Fumblings

So how many of you are spending the day watching the royal wedding? I can truly say that I have no interest in it at all. I saw the results of a poll that asked if you will be watching the wedding, and only 23% said yes. So apparently, a whole lot of people are not buying into the media overkill.

The couple of shots I have seen from the festivities do bring back memories of when Beverly and I were in London last year. This morning I heard the bells chiming at Westminster Abbey, and remember how that sound carried across London.

The Mavs won their 1st-round playoff series! They will now be taking on the Lakers. One can only wish that they somehow knock them out the way the Rangers knocked out the Yankees last year.

My heart so goes out to the hundreds of families that have lost lives, homes and so much in the tornadoes that ravaged the South this week. We have a couple of men from our church that have gone to assist in whatever way they can. I am praying that God will reveal Himself in the midst of this tragedy.

I never cease to be amazed at conspiracy theorists, and how easily people fall under their thinking. Do you realize that there are still people who think that the earth is flat and that the 1st moonwalk was staged in the desert?

Regardless of one's opinion of President Obama, the birth certificate issue makes the accusers look worse than silly. Do they really think that nearly 50 years ago, someone was already plotting to cover up Obama's "foreign birth" by placing a birth announcement in the paper? And even with the President having produced his birth certificate, now they are alleging that it is a forgery because it "doesn't look old enough."

Politics in America has reached a low point. Where is it going to stop? "Well, they did it to Bush!" "Well, they did it to Clinton!" It is SO childish. At some point, someone has to say, "ENOUGH!"

And we patronizingly look at the Middle East and wonder why they can't get along.

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Jeff said...

Go Thunder! My feelings about the Mavs may resemble some of your feelings about the Cowboys. I don't see the Mavs doing anything to make themselves a championship team. I suppose it's a good thing to go to the playoffs every year but as long as Dirk is their #1, they never will be.

In New York, they set up a screen in Times Square and bleachers for people to watch the wedding. I was so excited about it that I slept right through it.

I don't think there is enough time or space for me to start writing what I think about politics. Suffice it to say that I think they are all aliens from another planet so none of their birth certificates mean much to me.