Thursday, February 03, 2011

Pray for Islam

A year ago today Jenny probably went into sepsis. We only know that in retrospect. She was running very high fever, and then it suddenly broke. We thought that was a good thing. As it turned out, that was probably a very bad thing.

Oh, how we miss her.

Followers of my blog know that for years I have been praying that the Lord would bring Islam down through ways that would not involve war with Christians or other religions. When I was growing up, our prayers were for the downfall of Communism -- and in the late 1980s it suddenly imploded. Many people gave credit to demonstrators, other governments putting pressure on the communist countries, etc. Few stopped to thank God for pulling off what seemed to be impossible.

I want to encourage everyone to be praying that the demonstrations and riots that are taking place in Islamic nations today will have similar results. The situation is volatile in these nations. Some are teetering in going to one extreme or another. Ask God to bring down this religion -- and replace it by lifting up the name of Jesus. It wouldn't hurt to also pray that Jesus followers ACT LIKE Jesus followers through all of this.

May the peace of Christ reign!


Kyle R. said...

I've come to the same conclusion that the best thing we can do is indeed use spiritual warfare and pray for advancement of the name of Jesus as Lord of the universe, which, by definition, will crumble the forces opposed to truth.

Jeff said...

I may be crazy and this comment will further advance that idea but are there others who wonder whether God will allow some of the religious thinking that leads to violence to continue so that people who live in peace and prosperity and believe that is what God wants for them (or don't acknowledge God at all) will have to make a decision one day of choosing to serve God and God alone or choosing to serve their comforts, desires and egos?

I strongly agree that we should pray for God's reign on earth to be brought to bear without violence, without death, without torture and physical pain but I can't help but wonder if that is what will happen.