Monday, February 07, 2011

My Super Bowl Review (As if it matters)

I haven't watched a Super Bowl in a long time it seems, but I watched most of last night's game. It took me back to last year. We were in the ICU waiting room as the TV showed the game. I remember seeing it on, but don't remember anything about the game -- except that the Saints won.

Sounds as if Jerry's Super Bowl wasn't so super. The game was pretty good. But could someone tell me how, with all the planning that goes into this, you could get to gameday only to have the fire marshall declare over 1,000 temporary seats too dangerous to be opened? I can't imagine having traveled from Green Bay, Wisconsin with a ticket that probably cost at least $1,500 dollars only to be told, "Sorry, you don't have a seat." Chalk this one up to the greed of Jerry and the NFL.

Someone in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the other day referred to Jerry Stadium as "the huge cockroach." I had to laugh, because it immediately struck me that it does look like a cockroach's back. Maybe Jerry can get Raid to sponsor the stadium. Or Orkin. "Orkin Stadium."

I would love for Mr. Jones to take a lesson from perhaps the two best organizations in the NFL. They know how to do it right -- Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Pittsburgh has had 3 coaches in 42 years! Then there is small-market Green Bay that consistently competes at the highest level. And both organizations have ownership that allows the people who know the game to run the team.

On a related note, I know I'm getting old. So understand that I realize that as I write this. What is it with getting some premadonna to sing the Star-Spangled Banner each year at the Super Bowl? Why not try getting someone who actually just wants to sing the Anthem because they love the USA? Last night was a total butchering by Christina Aguilera of what should be a special moment. And the half-time show featuring Black-Eyed Pea? I don't get it.

Finally, as I continue my old foagie rant, I also really want to get the commercials -- but I don't. Some of them are kind of cute. But the one everyone is raving about is the "Tiny Dancer" commercial. What am I missing?


Jeff said...

I'm all for a military band or someone who has served in the military or is a relative of someone who served or is serving to sing the national anthem.

I was also curious why there was a flyover in a closed stadium.

I'm thinking Jerry had a tough week.

Rick Ross said...


I wondered the same thing about the flyover. I guess that was a perk for the 1200 people who had paid $250 to watch the game from the parking lot.

randy said...

Didn't watch the game. Did watch a replay of Mexican soccer. One of the Cruz Azul strikers had a really neat goal.

Connie Axelson said...

Why not have the audience sing?