Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praying the Psalms

This week I have begun praying through the Psalms. I am reading them from The Message. The 1st verse of Psalm 7 has absolutely captured me. I can't get it off my mind. It says, "Go! God! I am running to you for dear life . . ." That SO describes my existence right now.

Anyone who has followed this blog knows what a huge Jack Bauer fan I am. In my previous life (before this February), violence didn't bother me. Either that or I was in denial. But now, I can't stand to watch life cheapened like that. So while Beverly and I are going to finish out this year's "24," I am kind of glad it will be ending. The episode Monday night was one of the goriest ever. And that is saying a lot for "24."

I want to refer you to an incredible video clip. Of course I think so because it is my son, Josh. He is beginning a series on the fruit of the Spirit, and so he is going to show this clip. You can download it and watch it at


Josh Ross said...

Good post. I appreciate your honesty.
This is a good chance to plug Lynn Anderson' newest book "Talking Back to God." It is a book on how to pray the psalms. GET IT!!!

Jeff said...

I'm getting a little uncomfortable with 24 but think Jack will redeem himself somehow. Still, it's a question of what I want to be putting into my mind.

I've only learned to run to God during my darkest moments and, at times, I'm now afraid of losing my darkest moments for fear that I will forget to keep running to God. My prayer is that He will send me into the light so that when someone else is in their darkest moments, I can be a vessel to help light their path to the One they need to run to also.