Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day -- A New Tradition

Yesterday (Mother's Day) was a challenging day. In recent years, I have come to realize how difficult this day is for many people.

For some, it is because of the pain of memories of a mother who was toxic. What a challenge it is to honor one who brought such emotional pain.

For others, the day is painful because they WANT to be mothers -- but are unable to.

And for others, it is painful due to loss. And that is where we found ourselves yesterday. In the bitter-sweetness of honoring Beverly and her mom and her sister -- while at the same time our hearts breaking due to Jenny's absence.

The sweetest (yet difficult) part of the day was at 3 PM. That's when we headed to Chili's -- all nine of us. Malaya had told Beverly a couple of days ago that she wanted to start a tradition of going there each Mother's Day to share in Jenny's favorite dessert -- White Chocolate Molten Cake.

It was a sacred moment.


Kyle R. said...

The new Chili's tradition: That's more ways than one.:)

randy said...

Mother's day is the toughest day of the year for Linda followed by Christmas. I have always appreciated your sensitivity to other's pain on special days and am so sad that you have to experience the challenge in your family.