Monday, May 03, 2010

Catching Up on the News

Beverly and I spent late Wednesday night through early Saturday afternoon in Memphis. We had a really good time with our Tennessee family. We went to what I consider to be the best zoo I have ever visited (that even includes San Diego). We ate BBQ (In my opinion, pork barbeque has beef beat). We went horseback riding -- something I have not done in, well, since I got thrown off a horse in Honduras. It was GREAT! That is, until I lost my wallet -- in the middle of the forest. Our gracious host and I got on 4-wheelers and retraced our ride. I had about given up hope of finding it. But sure enough, he found it.

And, of course, our reason for being in Memphis: We stayed for Truitt's 3rd birthday party. It was quite a scene as 20 kids played in the garage while the air sirens went off warning us of tornados.

We drove back through some heavy rain, but most of it had already passed us. As we drove across the Mississippi River into West Memphis, we saw many houses with water right up to the door. And I really doubt that the water had crested at that time. Really sad.

It saddens me to hear about another terrorist attempt in New York City. I don't get it. I know terrorists prey on our fears -- but to what end? Their tactics don't endear them to anyone except other terrorist extremist. And I can't think of any terrorist event that has changed our lifestyles -- other than the added security measures now taken. They simply further marginalize themselves from the world with every attempt. And I can hardly think of anything more cowardly than the wholesale killing of innocent people. So I don't get it. But Beverly once told me in respect to another situation that rational people cannot understand the thinking of irrational people.

Where are you when we need you, Red Adair?


Anonymous said...

It's interesting you mentioned Red Adair. I think that when all the investigations are complete, we may find that this oil leak is another act of terrorism. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but 3 breaks is very strange.

Jeff said...

Red would have had this thing cleaned up in 2 days. Probably not but he made you think he could.

I enjoyed the brief part of the conversation I heard with the street vendor that first noticed the car smoking in NYC. He struck me as a man with a servant heart.