Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Please Be Gentle

After we returned from our Disney cruise on Sunday, I could not decide whether to blog about it or put it on Carepages. I went with the second option -- because there were so many people I wanted to thank beyond those who read my blog. If you would like to read that, go to www.carepages.com/carepages/JennyBizaillionUpdates.

Through this painful season, I am finally learning the lesson of Job's friends. Their best ministry was done when they simply practiced presence. Once they started trying to explain human suffering and offer profound words, their ministry became misery to Job.

Someone either sent me the following piece or I read it somewhere. I am sorry, but so much of the last 6 weeks seems like a fog. If you sent it to me, thanks.

Please Be Gentle, by Jill B. Englar

Please be gentle with me, for I am grieving.
The sea I swim in is a lonely one, and the shore seems miles away.
Waves of despair numb my soul as I struggle through each day.
My heart is heavy with sorrow.
I want to shout and scream and repeatedly ask "why?"
At times, my grief overwhelms me and I weep bitterly, so great is my loss.
Please don't turn away or tell me to move on with my life.
I must embrace my pain before I can begin to heal.
Companion me through tears and sit with me in loving silence.
Honor where I am in my journey, not where you think I should be.
Listen patiently to my story, I may need to tell it over and over again.
It's how I begin to grasp the enormity of my loss.
Nurture me through the weeks and months ahead.
Forgive me when I seem distant and inconsolable.
I need your support and understanding.
There is no right or wrong way to grieve.
I must find my own path.
Please, will you walk beside me?


Jeff said...

I will gladly walk beside you. I love you brother.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting "Please be Gentle".

Lauren said...

WOW! That is unbelievably authentic and immeasurably powerful! I love you, friend! Know you are saturated in my prayers, God's Presence, and His machless love. Here is a quote that I paraphrased from a video Lynn Anderson shared with the Highland body on Sunday, March 21, 2010:

On suffering:

"When we suffer and grieve with the knowing assurance of of God's living and Spirit-infused grace parthnering along with the abiding Presence of Christ, suffering is working out securing an immeasurable, unfading, imperishable, and eternal heavenly treasure and everlasting inheritance; furthermore, His glory is given complete access to permeate our deepest oceans of pain in order to ordain our joy when the days begin to shed His light in more gentle but pronounced ways." Lauren Cunningham paraphrasing Lynn Anderson on suffering in the Name of Christ

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted! Blessings in this season!

Anonymous said...

We will walk with you, one on each side.
Love you
Dianne and John Ross

randy said...


Karen Evans said...

We are here beside you...praying for you constantly.

Carolyn said...

Rick, We walk silently beside you in prayer for your grief, and for comfort from the only One who can truly give comfort.