Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've Gained Respect

Something keeps haunting me. Not too terribly long ago, I blogged about how I live this charmed life. I serve a great church. I have a great marriage. Three incredible kids who married three wonderful people. Five beautiful grandkids.

I don't want to take this too personally, but I wonder if Satan heard that as a challenge. My mind now goes to the opening pages of Job. Satan knew where he could strike me that would be the most painful. He won a battle. But he will not win the war.

Through this ordeal, I have gained some respect for Satan. I don't mean admiration. I mean respect in the same way that one should respect the Mafia if they were living next door. I think about ways we make fun of Satan. "If the devil doesn't like it, he can sit on a tack." That's like poking a lion with a stick.

I'm struck by the words of Jude (v. 9): "But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, 'The Lord rebuke you!'" I don't know exactly what this means. But I do think it suggests that Satan is not to be trifled with.

And I am so glad that Jesus stands beside me.


Jeff said...

I have slowly been learning the lesson that I don't want to agitate Satan.

My question from Job's story is if God still allows Satan to pick someone out and try to bring them down. The joy I get from Job's story is that there is a line that God wouldn't let Satan cross with Job and there is a line drawn to protect me from Satan and it starts at the foot of the cross.

randy said...

Satan is a celestrial being who we don't understand but does deserve respect. Nonetheless, our Lord Jesus Christ deserves our love.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Anderson's words spoke to me today.

God bless you Brother.


Anonymous said...

Check out the book
A New Kind of Normal by Carol Kent.
She was the speaker at our Women's Conference this year. Good book about learning to live again under circumstances that we cannot change. Not sure if you all know her story, but check out her website.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! I go to a church where a certain group talks about "kicking Satan in the teeth"

Every single time they post that, carry on about it, I am reminded of your post.

Thank you for your faithfulness and for making much of Jesus in spite of a broken heart!

I love the story of your amazing family and think of your sweet Jenny often.

I never knew her or the family, but have learned a lot from your family.

I try not to take life for granted.

We will be lifting your family in prayer, especially in these upcoming holidays.

Hugs to you and Mrs. Beverly and those boys and their families!

Laura Scott
Lewisville, TX