Friday, August 14, 2009

The Waiting Game

It's kind of hard to settle into my daily routines right now as Beverly and I await the arrival of our grandson Noah. Next week I preach on Wednesday night at my youngest son's church in Houston. We plan on staying to see him coach a football scrimmage on Friday. And that Sunday, Jacob and I will be co-preaching here as we introduce an exciting new opportunity to the Decatur church.

But all of that could be tabled if Noah decides to make his grand appearance. So we will try to go on as if he will wait until his due date. But we are also practicing the old Boy Scout motto: Be prepared.

Well, Jerry got what he wanted. After 13 years of mediocrity and hot-air promises which the "Cow-sheep" (Randy Galloway's term for blind followers of Jerry Jones' Cowboys) buy into every year -- he is opening his monument. I like the way Jeff Jones referred to it in his blog: Jerry's ego-plex.

How the mighty have fallen.

I have nothing personal against Tony Romo, but I tire of hearing him compared to Aikman and Staubach. How about let him win just one playoff game before he is enshrined in the Hall of Fame, please.

My son Jonathan and I were talking about this last time he was here. If you were to rank the all-time Cowboy quarterbacks, where would Romo fall? Here's mine:

1. Staubach (Two Super Bowls)
2. Aikman (Three Super Bowls)
3. Don Meredith (Two NFL championship games)
4. Danny White (Three NFC championship games. This guy was GOOD, but had the misfortune of following Mr. Cowboy)
5. Craig Morton, Eddie Lebaron, Tony Romo


Anonymous said...

I loved Staubach, but Aikman should be #1.
How about the greats like Bledsoe, Testaverde, Carter, and (Landry's choice) Steve Pelluer (sp?)? They must have been an oversight on your list. :-)

Rick Ross said...


I struggled with the #1 and #2 as well. I had to go with Staubach because he made the Cowboys what they once were. Aikman was the most precise passer I have ever seen, but it could have had a lot to do with his offensive line. Still, I have no argument with putting him #1.

You are right! How could I have forgotten Pelluer? Of course, there is always Hogeboom and Henson.

Kyle R. said...

It is tough to compare Staubach vs Aikman. It could go either way.

I agree: Romo doesn't even deserve to be on any list until he can lead his team to at least one playoff victory... and not melt down in December... and not make regular random passes to the defensive back... and...

I like Romo. But ever since he signed the big contract he has gone down hill. He's too non-chalant. He kinda reminds me of one Dirk Nowitzki (sp?). Two really good althletes that lack the eye of the tiger (intensity) to rise above the rest.

Jeff said...

I'm not old enough to throw Meredith and some of those other guys in the mix because I don't remember them. Staubach would be first for me because he is the first one I remember and it seems like he was always bringing them back at the last minute. Aikman would be 1B to Staubach's 1A. You didn't mention Clint Longely of ACU and bear wrestling fame.