Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Again

Beverly and I arrived home late last night after a hectic few days of travel. I spoke in Houston last Wednesday night. On Thursday we received the call from Memphis that Noah would be leaving the ark on Friday. So we left Houston Thursday afternoon and arrived in Memphis at about 2 AM. Next morning, we headed to the hospital, with Noah disembARKing at about 11:40. He is perfect! 7 lbs., 15 ozs. and 21-1/2 inches. His first word was "Grampy." You can see pictures of him by clicking on Josh Ross' link on my blog. I imagine our anniversary (August 21) will now take a back seat to Noah's birthday. But that is OK. We can celebrate our anniversary "season."

Yesterday morning we took Truitt to the Memphis zoo. It is now rated as the best zoo in the USA. I have been to San Diego's zoo, and have to admit that Memphis is right there with it. There was a lot of shade -- making for a nice walk. I don't think the temperature even made it to 80 while we were there. Truitt LOVED the pandas.

We left after lunch, and got home last night about 10:45. I am reminded daily how blessed I am. My three kids and their wonderful spouses have blessed Beverly and me with 5 wonderful grandkids. Life is sweet.

Tomorrow we hit the road again. I speak in Crockett tomorrow night. So we will go down tomorrow afternoon and return tomorrow night. I used to LOVE to drive. Not so much any more. But Crockett is always a treat.

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