Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Ross Report

Several news items this morning keep swirling around in my head:

1. The release of the two women being held by North Korea. Former President Bill Clinton helped to secure their release. The North Korean government said they had received a letter of apology from President Obama. Spokespeople for the President said no apology was sent. Of course, the claims of an apology letter come from one of the strangest (and scariest) leaders on this planet, Kim Jong II. This is a guy who claimed, after playing his first round of golf, that he shot an 18! That's right. He actually claimed he had 18 holes in one -- and expected the free world to believe it!

2. The massacre in the Pittsburgh area. I cannot understand why a person who wants to kill himself feels he must take others with him. Of course, Beverly reminds me that rational people cannot understand irrational thinking. I guess that bodes well for me.

3. The woman who was driving drunk and high with her 5 children in the car. She drove down the wrong lane of a highway for 2 mile before having a head-on collision. Eight people died. It ought to make us very defensive in our driving to realize that there are MANY people on the road who are driving impaired by drugs, alcohol or texting. I saw a lady driving the other day with her blackberry on her steering wheel, reading a map, and eating.

4. A 101 year old man in Weatherford who still works full-time. He has been practicing law since the mid-30s. He will soon receive an award as the oldest full-time worker in America. He frankly admitted that if he didn't work, he would die within a year. Asked the secret to still being alive, he said, "I haven't died yet."


Jeff said...

Maybe Kim was playing a really easy putt-putt course.

I've missed the news and didn't hear these stories but they sound tragic.

It's a crazy world.

Josh Ross said...

Props to Clinton.
The massacre makes me hunger for God's shalom.
So sad about the mother and her children.
If I'm working at 71 I might die.