Thursday, September 16, 2004

One Weird Dude

He dressed weird. His diet was weirder. His opening words were said with such warmth: "You brood of vipers!" He wouldn't be welcomed into the pulpits of any churches I am aware of.

He wasn't politically correct. His message wasn't sugar-coated. Nor were they intended to convey that "Everyone is OK. Let' just all feel good." No, he came warning of coming wrath. He said, "Prove you have repented by living like it." He said, "Don't tell me you're OK because you come from a lineage of good people. God can turn stones into good people." He said, "The ax is sharpened and ready to cut down fruitless trees. And they will be thrown into the fire." He said to share your clothes and food with people who have less than you. He said to be fair in your business dealings.

And get this: He said to be satisfied with your salary.

Yet, Luke says (3: 18) that this man "preached the good news to them." Good news? Not to those who think good news means "you're OK just the way you are." But it is good news to know that the Redeemer is on his way.

So, who is this weird guy? Well, Jesus said that he was the greatest man born of woman. You probably already know that he is John the Baptizer. And in a short time, his preaching shook a nation. Join me in praying that God will raise up a few "Johns" in our day to shake us and wake us.

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