Friday, June 10, 2011

Mavs in 6?

Can the Mavs do it? If they do, I am really hoping it is in Game 6 on Sunday night. If not, Game 7 will be played while we sleep in Rome.

Can we please lay aside these comparisons of Lebron James being as good as Michael Jordan? What an insult to Jordan!

And Dwyane Wade is a guy that, if he was on my team, I would like. But he has been known for his theatrics through the years. So I found it ironic that after Game 4, he said something to the affect of Dirk is a great player without the dramatics. Really? Playing with 102 temperature is hardly being dramatic. And Dirk NEVER used it as an excuse, nor did he draw any attention to it.

But last night, there's Wade acting like his leg is broken. The courtside announcer (do those people ever tell you anything insightful?) said Wade was questionable for the remainder of the game. That lasted for a couple of minutes.

Come on, Mavs! Let's do it in 6. PLEASE!

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Jeff said...

Glad you got your wish and hoping you have a great trip.