Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Go, Malaya!

Last night was Malaya's last basketball game for a while. They were playing the best team in the league. It was a close game, and our team was showing more grit than I had seen in previous games. Malaya got the ball down low and had a girl towering over her between her and the basket. She started a move up as if she was going to shoot, and came back down. She has not normally been very aggressive in her play. Then suddenly, she just took it up and over the girl guarding her -- and made it!

Tears came to my eyes as I watched her run down the court, with people in the stands cheering her name. She had the biggest "I want to smile, but don't want to act like it was a big deal" look on her face. I wish I had a picture of her pure joy.

By the way, we won!

I wish I knew what things are like on the other side of the thin veil. I would love to think that Jenny was watching. I can just see her cheering this daughter she loved so incredibly. And I can still hear her voice.

Now to what is really important. Crisis in the Middle East. Economy still struggling. Budget deficits. And all the news wants to cover, it seems, is Charlie Sheen. Why, please tell me, is this so newsworthy? Why not cover the stories of people whose lives were messed up, but who have found redemption and hope and turned them around?

I'll never get it.


Kyle R. said...

Way to go Malaya!

Jeff said...

It sounds like the Malaya story is the really important stuff and the budget deficit, Libya and Sheen are all the things that have been recurring since the beginning of time.

As a former editor of the Messenger told me one time when I asked why they put such liberal columnists in the paper, "controversy sells news." So it is with Sheen.

Lauren said...

I'm sure Jenny was cheering so loud behind that veil! I continue to be so encouraged by Malaya's outlook during this time. I know she must have bad days, but I am really loving the way God is stirring and developing who she is. Josh Graves reminded us at Highland this week that your Josh declared that your family and the community that surrounds Malaya will fight for her faith. Count me in that fight as well. I can't wait to see the beautiful warrior she will become in army of our great God!

Tom & Suzie Catchings said...

I so love to read your blog! We are a little ahead of you in our healing over the loss of our daughter, but I so have wondered the same thoughts you express. Does our daughter see her son and cheer him on to victory? Keep up the good writing and please tell your sweet Beverly to continue to speak to groups of hurting people. May God bless your family.