Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Thinking Fruity

I shared last week about spending time in sabbatical reading about the fruit of the Spirit (getting fruity). The following really has no connection, but I guess fruit is just on my mind right now.

On Thursday I bought some nectarines. They were so good I nearly went back to the store to get some more. I love them when they are crunchy -- between green and ripe. Anyway, Saturday our friends (Randy and Linda Davis) brought us a sack full of nectarines from their tree. And they are delicious.

As I ate one on Saturday, I told Beverly, "This is my favorite fruit." Then I remembered how much I love fresh pineapple and a good navel orange. It got me to thinking. I did not realize that I am really a fruit lover! Imagine the fun God had creating such incredible flavors for us!

So, here are my favorite fruits:
1. Fresh pineapple -- It's worth going on a cruise or an all-inclusive resort just to get plateloads of fresh pineapple. Nothing beats it.
2. Nectarines -- not green, but not ripe.
3. Naval oranges. If they are pithy, forget it.
4. Fresh peaches. I don't like the feel of biting through the fuzz. But if I trim it off, a fresh peach may be (next to pineapple) the perfect flavor sensation.
5. Avocado. Think fresh, tableside guacamole.
5. Red seedless grapes
6. Banana -- again, not green and not overly ripe.
7. Watermelon

Not making my list of favorites:
1. Any melon other than watermelon. Cantaloupe sets my teeth on edge, as do honeydews, etc.
2. Persimmons

That leaves a lot of fruits that didn't make either list. Like plums, strawberries, grapefruit, etc. I like most of these, but not like I do my top 7.

So how about you?


Kyle R. said...

Your's and mine are close:

1. Pineapple
2. Nectarine
3. Plum
4. Tomato
5. Peach
6. Avocado
7. Red grapes

kaw said...

Nothing is better than a peach fresh off the tree, therefore:

1) peach
2) everything else

Jeff said...

You are getting fruity but in the spirit of participation:

1. Peach
2. Strawberry
3. Rasberry
4. Blackberry
5. Banana
6. Cantaloupe (I hated it as a kid)
7. Pineapple

I'm not a big nectarine or orange fan but will eat them. I'm not crazy about watermelon because of the seeds or grapes because of the stem but I'll still eat it if those are the choices. I love to go to Central Market and get their mixed berries.

Maybe I should have stated it this way. My favorite fruits are
Peach cobbler
Blackberry cobbler
Apple cobble/pie

Maybe that's cheating the fruit idea though.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the fresh pineapple! after that...
ripe peaches
ripe nectarine
red seedless grapes