Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rangers' Game: Is it Air-Conditioned?

Hard to believe it has been 5 months today since Jenny went to be with Jesus. In some ways, I feel I am progressing in the healing process. Yet, in other ways, it is still as raw as it was on February 22nd. It depends on what moment of the day it is -- and there is nothing to predict when those feelings hit. Grief is a monster.

My son and grandson are dragging me out to a Rangers' game tonight. I like watching a Rangers' game on TV, but sitting out in the 100 degree heat doesn't appeal to me like it used to. Now if it was playing golf in it -- that would be different.

Actually, I am looking forward to my time with them. Sometimes I just like to play the role of the grumpy grampy.

Jimmy Johnson on Survivor? The easiest way to get him eliminated would be for the rival team to steal his hairspray. He would probably immediately quit.


Jeff said...

I'm confident you do grumpy well and you probably get by on the grampy part too.

I need to understand grief better. It treats me like I'm on a rollercoaster in the dark. I never know when I'm going up or down until I get there.

I'm thankful I have been a part of your tough journey. I continue to learn from you and am tremendously thankful for our friendship.

Kyle R. said...

Maybe the grumpy grampy's presence at the Ballpark will give the Rangers a little "clobber the Angels" mojo.

I haven't watched an episode of Survivor in a long time, but I must say my interest is peaked by my curiosity of Jimmy Johnson competing.