Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Maybe it's the cynic in me.  If what I am about to say is wrong to you -- or if I am missing something, I welcome your comments.  

Yesterday the CEOs of the Big 3 Automakers appeared before Congress to request a bailout.  The media exposed how these men had flown to Washington on private jets at a cost of $20,000 round trip.  I'm thinking, "Bad PR move, guys."

But here's what got me:  Congress then wanted to beat these guys up over this.  They had them on the hot seat -- continuously questioning them about this.  Was it a big blunder?  Yes.  Should it be addressed?  Yes.  But by Congress -- the greatest wasteful spenders anywhere?  Spare me the utter hypocrisy.


Kyle R. said...

I have not had a chance to read any details at issue with the auto industry, but I definitely do not like this trend that is developing with private industry requesting tax payer assistance. I understand the financial industry matter is complex and quite different from this, but even that $750 billion bail out makes me uncomfortable.

I agree--It is woefully laughable how government can even question fiscal responsibility of anyone or any corporation when our elected officials have proven to be quite incapable of financial integrity (or integrity in general).

On the floor of congress, it goes something like this:

"Oh yes, madam speaker. I would like to recognize the gentleman from (you name the state)for his tiresless work in this much needed legislation to protect us from the evils of greed and self service. His leadership in this matter shines as beacon of hope to all. His work ethic and lack of sleep are examples to us all as a model public servant."

Please!!! Senator and congressman: Spare us the flattery and do your job. Quit taking credit fixing problems that you helped create!

Jeff said...

As our government continues walking down the road of socialism I suppose they can be critics of capitalist.

As potential lienholders/shareholders I suppose they can be critics of wasteful spending.

As a group who is using citizens money, they are scary.

The only thing scarier is that we citizens put them there.

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Rick, I agree that Congress has no place to grandstand. I told someone on Facebook today that I think it would have meant more to everyone if those execs would have actually DRIVEN THEIR OWN CARS since they make them instead of taking their private jets! They are AUTOMAKERS - aren't they?

Just as long as we don't bail them out. I know it will be hard on all the auto workers but this trend has got to stop!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!! HA