Monday, November 24, 2008

No, It Wasn't Basketball

Do you want to build up your upper body in only three hours?  Go to an ACU football game and follow the Aggie tradition of doing a pushup for every point scored -- after every score.  Last Saturday you would have done several hundred, since the final score was 93-68.

It reminds me of the old Aggie joke.  It seems that A&M bribed the head referee into sounding the final gun to end the game early in the 4rd quarter with Texas leading 7-0.  The Longhorns left the field, thinking the game was over.  Three plays later, A&M scored.  But they lost 7-6 when they went for 2 and didn't make it.

(Aggie fans:  Save your wrath.  I love the Aggies.)     

How do two teams score 161 points in one game?  That's 23 touchdowns!  Nearly 6 every quarter.  A score every 2-1/2 minutes!  The paper said ACU scored every time they had the ball, except once when they missed a field goal.  I'm told that West Texas A&M started kicking on-side kicks after their scores, hoping they might keep the ball out of ACU's hands. 

Yesterday we had a memorial service at our church for my friend Jerry Nicholas.  His life was an inspiration for many as he battled cancer with such dignity and peace.  I think my favorite story was when he had his leg amputated, the family went home and dressed as pirates for a family picture.  It was his "amputation celebration" picture.  He sat in front as the peg-legged pirate.  What class! 


Jeff said...

I was watching Channel 8 news Sunday morning when they put the score on the screen and Debbie Denmon said, "no this isn't a basketball game score." I couldn't believe it. Who needs defense?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your friend. I pray if tragedy strikes, that I will be able to face such it with a similar spirit.

Art said...

Watched ACU game online. It was surreal... WT kept trying onside kicks and giving ACU short field and it would only take 3 plays top for them to score.

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

Rick, there were several of us watching the game online ( to get the link for Saturday's game) and also on Facebook/Twitter chatting about it. The ACU Community unite!!

As an Aggie fan myself (and ACU Alum), let's hope the Longhorns don't roll 93 on Sherman and his boys Thursday night. Of course, we do own the Longhorns - having won the last 2 meetings!!! Take that all you Longhorn fans!! HA