Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Retiring

My first blog was on Monday, September 13, 2004. Seven years of blogging! But like anything else in this life, times change. Blogs were really "in" seven years ago. Now people want shorter snippets of information. So Twitter and Facebook have moved blogs to the shelf.

Having said that, I am gratified to have people tell me that they follow my blog. At times, the ideas have flowed consistently. However, it seems that lately the ideas have come with much less frequency.

So after 7 years, I am closing up shop. I leave open the possibility of someday returning. After all, Brett Favre has done it several times.

Grace and peace to all. Keep your eyes fixed on THE Hope.


jason reeves said...

You have encouraged and blessed me consistently through your words here in this blog. You strengthen the Kingdom constantly through your life. Your faith (and Beverly's of course as well) has so greatly impacted Tiersa and I in our journey of life. May God be glorified in everything that you touch.

Glory to God!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Well, thank you for sharing your family and life thru good and bad, for inspiring so many, for encouraging so many thru life. Prayers for you and your wife and gorgeous family!

Jeff said...

My hope is that you are on a Brett Favre retirement plan. If not, thank you for spurring me towards a deeper relationship with God. You will never know how much your words here and your constant friendship have meant to me.

Ofelia Gonzales said...

Thank you for your work in this area, probably reaching more folks than you'll know. I will certainly miss your insight and encouraging words. I've enjoyed the nice mix you've provided, and the study your thoughts have sent me on. Blessings to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

You honest words and thoughts have been meaningful to me and I appreciate your sharing them. I will certainly miss your blog and hope you do return.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...
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Rick Ross said...
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