Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tweeting with Celebs

OK, so last night my son Josh and his family sit down at the dinner table to pork chops. Truitt, my 4-year old grandson, said he didn't want to eat. Josh, who has just taught Truitt what an RBI is in baseball, said, 'Truitt, Josh Hamilton eats pork chops, and they help him get RBIs." With that, Truitt proceeded to eat heartily.

So, Josh tweeted about his mealtime victory. Here is what he said. "I hope Josh Hamilton likes pork chops. Truitt (4 yrs old) didn't want to eat. Told him JH likes them. He devoured them."

Now, catch this (especially if your name is Jeff Jones): Josh had a response to his tweet -- FROM MRS. JOSH HAMILTON! She wrote, "Actually he LOVES them! I make them for him ALL the time!!"

How cool is that?


Anonymous said...


- Jody

Josh Ross said...

Basically, Josh Hamilton and I are like family now. He probably wants to grab lunch next time I'm in the DFW area. We'll probably be taking vacations together later this year.

Jeff said...

That's living right there. I'm going to tweet "I hope Josh Hamilton likes teaching kids to swing because my son wants a lesson" and see what happens.