Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The One Who Showed Mercy

Mercy. One of Webster's definitions is "a compassion shown to victims of misfortune."

This morning's reading from Luke 10 is the story of the Good Samaritan. I've preached this text many times. I've made the points about the religious guys walking right by the dying victim. I've self-righteously talked about their being caught up so much in their "religiousity" that they didn't practice true religion.

But today it hit me: I'm those guys. I move within my routine. I'm busy. There are things to do and places to be. Sunday waits for no man. And while I don't think I would ever intentionally walk by a person in such need -- I wonder how often I don't even see him.

After telling the story, Jesus asked which of the three men did the right thing. The answer? "The one who had mercy." The one who had a compassion which was shown to a victim of misfortune. And then Jesus said, "Go and do likewise." It's not enough to know the right answer. We must also put it into practice.

Lord, lift my eyes so that I see people as you see them!

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Anonymous said...

Seeing people as God sees them is a prayer that is changing my life. It is heart breaking when you see the hard hearted attitude that you have toward other. I wish that we could just have the heart of Jesus all at one time. We are so far away from the maturity that God intends for us all. Praise God for his grace that covers over all our shortcomings. Amy Cooper